Numeracy Tasks

… efforts to intensify attention to the traditional mathematics curriculum do not necessarily lead to increased competency with quantitative data and numbers. While perhaps surprising to many in the public, this conclusion follows from a simple recognition that is, unlike mathematics, numeracy does not so much lead upwards in an ascending pursuit of abstraction as it moves outward toward an ever richer engagement with life’s diverse contexts and situations.

Robert Orrill

What follows are collections of numeracy tasks organized according to grade bands – but these grade bands are only meant to be guideline. My experience is that these tasks tend to be upwardly applicable. That is, the tasks work well with students older than the band the task was designed for.

Many of these tasks were co-constructed with, and piloted by, teachers from Coquitlam (sd43), Prince George (sd57), Kelowna (sd23), and Mission (sd75). Watch for NEW tasks all the time. Enjoy.

Primary (k-3)

  1. Goody Bags
  2. Sharing Cookies (there is a nice book to accompany this)
  3. Sharing Cupcakes
  4. Going Bowling
  5. Going Canoeing
  6. Going Swimming
  7. Kindergarten Snack Sharing

Intermediate (4-6)

  1. Building a Garden
  2. Planning a Tea Party
  3. The Class Pet
  4. Celebrity Travel Planning
  5. The Paper Route
  6. Designing a Planner Cover
  7. Activity Day
  8. Trip to the Waterslides
  9. Planning a Class Party
  10. Water Conservation
  11. Selling Cookies
  12. Earning Screen Time
  13. Gagner le screen time
  14. Unhappy Meals
  15. Building a Fence

Junior High School (7-8)

  1. Gwen Stefani Itinerary
  2. Concert in Toronto
  3. Design a New School
  4. 2004 Summer Olympic Results
  5. 2006 Winter Olympic Results
  6. New School Schedule I
  7. New School Schedule II
  8. Playland Adventure
  9. Nine Hole Golf Course
  10. Terry Fox Fundraiser
  11. Fair Teams
  12. Basketball Tournament
  13. Trouble at the Tournament
  14. Shopping Spree
  15. The Two Bike Race
  16. Celebrity Travel Planning
  17. The New Publishing Room
  18. Cell Phone Plans
  19. Giving Out Bonuses
  20. Ski Trip Fundraiser
  21. Race Around the World

Senior High School (10-12)

  1. The Lost Crab Trap
  2. The Shoe Sale
  3. The Unresolved Wager
  4. Joint Investment
  5. Buying a House


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