Numeracy Tasks

… efforts to intensify attention to the traditional mathematics curriculum do not necessarily lead to increased competency with quantitative data and numbers. While perhaps surprising to many in the public, this conclusion follows from a simple recognition—that is, unlike mathematics, numeracy does not so much lead upwards in an ascending pursuit of abstraction as it moves outward toward an ever richer engagement with life’s diverse contexts and situations.

– Robert Orrill

(more definitions of numeracy)

Numeracy Tasks

What follows are collections of numeracy tasks organized according to grade bands – but these grade bands are only meant to be guideline. My experience is that these tasks tend to be upwardly applicable. That is, the tasks work well with students older than the band the task was designed for.

Many of these tasks were co-constructed with, and piloted by, teachers from Coquitlam (sd43), Prince George (sd57), Kelowna (sd23), and Mission (sd75). Watch for NEW tasks all the time. Enjoy.

Primary (k-3)

Intermediate (4-6)

Junior High School (7-9)

Senior High School (10-12)

Numeracy Task Details

For further details about the characteristics of these tasks as well as the qualities that need to be kept in mind when designing such tasks please click here.

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